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AC Power Source**
Wattage:** 0-5W
Power Generation:** SWITCH
Type:** Night Light
Shape:** DIY Dodecahedron
Bulbs Included:** Yes
Item Type:** Night Lights
- **Features:**
- Dodecahedron Light
- Dodecahedron Lamp
- Geometry Night Light
- LED Adjustable Desk Light
- USB Charging Table Lamp
- Geometry Spiral Space Night Light
- Dodecahedron Light for Club
- Dodecahedron Light for Party
- Dodecahedron Light for Office

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CosmoSphere™ Radiant Dodecahedron Illumination: Effortless Elegance for Your Space!

Design in the shape of a dodecahedron
With Cosmosphere™

Utilizing an exclusive 3D technique, it creates an immersive effect, immersing individuals in a three-dimensional environment. Multiple LEDs outline a intricate and flawless spiral space, while the vibrant painting process fills the space with vivid colors, evoking a sci-fi-like atmosphere that's visually captivating and weightless.

Soft Dimmable Lighting
Adjustable Lighting Modes

You can modify the light's color using the button on the USB line to match your preferred style. It offers a range of gentle, adjustable colors that appeal to both adults and children, providing a sense of safety and wonder for kids during the night.

More than just a lamp.

Cosmodphere™ is a sculpture.

Transform Your Space with Cosmosphere™ 3D Dimmable Brightness

Discover CosmoSphere™: Mesmerizing Innovation!
CosmoSphere™: Futuristic Illumination

Presenting the CosmoSphere™ - an enchanting light decoration that conjures an infinite-seeming void of captivating luminosity. This lamp transcends conventional monotonous lighting, displaying a unique style and exceptional coolness that sets it far ahead of the ordinary.

Tech Marvel: Customized Lighting Masterpiece
with Cosmosphere™

Encased in a 12-sided frame, this masterpiece boasts an anodized aluminum exterior, bespoke 2-way glass mirrors, and densely-packed custom-printed circuit boards. It showcases an array of custom-written lighting modes and animations, setting new standards in illumination.

Versatile Dodecahedron Illumination: Perfect as a Night Light, Decorative, Party, or Dream Atmosphere Light for Any Space!

Versatile Use
Cosmosphere's 3D Design

The dodecahedron light serves as a versatile night light for both adults and children. Additionally, it functions as a decorative light, ideal for children's rooms, parties, enhancing living room décor, creating dreamy atmospheres, and more. It's a fantastic lighting decoration choice suitable for various settings, including homes, bedrooms, bedside tables, offices, and desktop decorations.

Rainbow Radiance:
The Essential Home Décor Lamp

With mesmerizing rainbow color-changing effects, this lamp is the ultimate home décor addition. Enhance your living spaces with its enchanting display, delivering an essential ambiance for a lively atmosphere.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ OVER 50,000+ HAPPY CUSTOMERS


This dodecahedron light is an absolute gem! The 3D effect is mesmerizing, and the array of colors creates a dreamy ambiance. Perfect for unwinding after a long day!"

Emily Johnson

I love the versatility of this light! It's a beautiful addition to my home decor and provides soft, dimmable lighting for different moods. My kids adore the vibrant colors!"

David Rodriguez

The design is truly captivating. The way it lights up and creates an illusion of depth is amazing. The quality is top-notch; it's become a conversation starter among my guests!

Sarah Thompson

I've placed this light near my meditation area, and it's fantastic! The calming hues and soothing ambiance help me unwind. The USB-powered feature makes it super convenient. Highly recommended!"

Michael Carter

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frequently asked questions

The light is crafted from high-quality acrylic and durable plastic, ensuring longevity and resistance to fading.

Using a unique 3D process, the light creates an immersive 3D space effect, with multiple LEDs outlining a complex and perfect spiral space. Its colorful painting process adds vibrancy, resembling a science fiction space.

Yes, the light's color can be changed using the button on the USB line. It offers various soft and dimmable colors catering to both adults and children's preferences, providing a sense of safety and wonder at night.

Yes, it includes a base support, allowing placement on desks to enhance home attractiveness at night. It's perfect for creating ambiance during activities like yoga, meditation in sacred spaces, or home dates.

The size is approximately ‎8"D x 8"W x 7"H, and it operates via USB power supply.

It's versatile! It can function as a night light for both adults and children, a decorative light, children's room light, party light, living room decoration light, or create dreamy atmospheres. Suitable for home, living room, bedroom, children's room, bedside, office, and desktop decorations.

Absolutely! Whether for creating a calming ambiance in bedrooms, adding charm to living rooms, or setting a dreamy mood during parties, this light adapts to various settings.

Yes, it's a fantastic lighting decoration choice for children's rooms, providing both a night light and a colorful, captivating décor piece to spark their imagination.

The Luminara Cordless Table Lamp typically comes with the lamp itself, a USB-C cable


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